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Hi, I'm Monique


I am certified as a health coach and a registered social worker. These two professional trainings complement each other well, giving me an edge in being able to hold emotions and work through the underlying reasons for feeling unwell or unfulfilled. 


My role as a health coach is to accompany you on your journey to optimal wellness. I do this by providing support, encouragement and education when this is requested or needed. I will keep you moving forward by challenging you and holding you accountable for the changes (big and small) that you commit to. 

I work both in person and online. This makes my practice global.

My extensive work experience as a university-based research professor informs how I work. I am constantly researching and keeping up-to-date on heath issues and integrated medical interventions. 

I would describe myself as kind, observant, intuitive, spirited, non-conformist, and tenacious. 

I have lived healthily with a chronic illness since my early twenties - something I am happy to share with you in the free exploratory call. I know how daunting it can be to be diagnosed with a chronic illness and how frustrating it is to be given medical advice that does not feel effective and may even make us feel worse. 

My passion for health coaching lies in my own journey, having claimed back my health and living a full and productive life. 

I run a vibrant health coaching practice, collaborating with other health coaches and health professionals to offer the best possible care.

Health coach certification


Every problem has a solution 

Let's find yours...

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