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We tend to believe that ill health begins in adulthood. Unfortunately this is not true. Good health begins from when we are little, and some would say from when we are still in the womb. This means that as parents we need to do what we can to ensure that our kids become healthy adults. So what could we do?

  1. make sure our kids do not become sugar lovers. introduce them to nutrient rich foods from the moment they start eating solids. avoid foods that are high in sugar and that are processed

  2. help our children express themselves from an early age. there is now significant evidence to show that holding onto negative or traumatic emotions is harmful to our physical health. create opportunities for kids to express themselves. help them out by giving them a wide set of feeling words to choose from

  3. keep their little bodies active. find out what exercise they like doing and encourage them doing it. if this is difficult, a simple walk or a fun home yoga class with mom and/or dad is a great start

  4. make sure they sleep enough. make clear bedtime rules and keep all gadgets far from hand at bedtime. blue light negatively affects children's health

  5. get them to imagine through reading and playing games. this will prevent that terrible sentence: 'I am bored'.

  6. get into nature as often as possible.

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